1936 Beauty is a division of Massage 1936 SARL - CHE-415.043.150



Hair removal can be a little painful at times, but at 1936 Beauty we use different types of wax and techniques to ensure the treatment is comfortable and as pain free as possible.


We offer strip waxing which can be carried out on many different areas of the body, from a lip wax to a full leg & bikini wax. The hot wax is used more on intimate or sensitive areas and is amazing at removing shorter hairs!

1936 Beauty adapts each treatment according to the client, removing all unwanted hairs and providing aftercare to sooth sensitive skin. 

Strip Waxing 

  • Lip Wax : 5mins 

  • Underarm Wax : 10mins 

  • Half Arm Wax : 20mins

  • Full Arm Wax : 30mins

  • Half Leg Wax : 20mins 

  • Full Leg Wax : 45mins

  • Bikini Wax : 15mins 

  • Full Leg & Bikini Wax : 60mins  

Hot Wax

  • Underarm Hot Wax : 15mins

  • Bikini Hot Wax : 15mins 

  • French Bikini Hot Wax : 15mins

  • Hollywood / Brazilian Hot Wax : 30 mins

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